Business Planning and Modelling is one of the most important functions for any CEO or Divisional manager. Skeleton level short and long term plans can efficiently and effectively be established with a minimum of effort.

All companies need to be able to effectively communicate their products and services to the target market. Equally, they need to communicate an identity that reflects their core values.

Sharpening Stone offers highly professional communications solutions ~ from brand development to targeted advertising campaigns, marketing materials and website development.

Sharpening Stone has the modelling skills and tools to provide an analysis of an organisation's capital needs, whether it is to simply launch a separate division or perhaps accelerate overseas growth potential. If further capital is required, we can provide a range of pre-established contacts to provide venture or development capital as well as IPO or Public capital raising.
Whether an entire company or simply a division, one of the hardest jobs of any CEO can have is to evaluate whether to make an aquisition or implement a disposal strategy. Sharpening Stone has successfully implemented a series of acquisition and disposal stategies for companies that have allowed the companies to then regroup and build.
In so many organisations the answers to the issues being confronted are already inside the organisation. They are often locked inside the senior management team. Sharpening Stone has facilitated a discovery process within a number of organisations that has allowed them to unlock both the true potential of the company and also the true potential of the staff.

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