Darryl Sessions

Darryl is the executive responsible for management and supply of the various Information Technology related programs offered by Sharpening Stone.
Darryl Sessions has close to thirty years experience in Information Technology, both at the executional and management levels. He has lead the IT function and identified, initiated and executed major business- transforming technology projects for a number of large technology-aware and -dependent organisations, from PepsiCo to Avon to Lion Nathan.

Nowadays the focus of IT Mentors Pty Ltd, of which Darryl Sessions is founder and principal, is on the bringing together of IT and "the business". Business lead and business transforming technology is more important now than ever before. The need to build and support business organisations that are IT-smart and IT organisations that have business as well as technical savvy is recognised. Darryl Sessions has been seated in the senior executive decision making circles of the organisations he has served, and brings to the table a wealth of experience in marrying technology effort for the true benefit of "the business".

Darryl Sessions holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree (in Accounting and Financial Management), an MBA and is an accredited Disputes Mediator from the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre. Having operated at the most senior level of a number of diverse organisations, he has significant expertise and a proven track record in building, rationalising, aligning, focusing, energising and transforming IT organisations - and the businesses of which they are an important part.