Claire Golding

Claire Golding is the executive responsible for management and supply of the various HR programs offered by Sharpening Stone. Founder and Director of Optimum HR Solutions, Claire has 15 years experience in the HR and Recruitment Industry, she has built a comprehensive network of contacts within the Australian marketplace.

Claire’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Human Resources Management and Counselling, as well as a Diploma of Business Management. Claire has also spent three years working in the IT&T Vendor market and has a thorough knowledge of this industry.

She has extensive expertise in performance management for executives, relating key performance indicators to individual capabilities. She has also coached managers in performance management and HR related fields and has been consulted widely in the HR based responsibilities around company development and restructure.

Her expertise in Executive Recruitment and Search is complimented by OptimumHR Solutions being a member of the NPA (National Personnel Association).

Since 1956, NPA has been the venue for productive independent recruiting firms.
A member-owned cooperative network, NPA offers independent firms˜either across town or around the world˜the opportunity to increase capacity.